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Dr. Victor S. Cernis, D.P.M.

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Privacy Policy:

(1) This website uses no cookies.

(2) We do not “harvest” or otherwise collect email addresses from our website visitors.

(3) It is understood that this website is posted to the Internet and is not a private forum, a substitute for proper medical diagnosis or suggested treatment, nor does use of this website in and of itself constitute a physician-patient relationship with Dr. Cernis. Please refer to our Terms of Use policy for proper use of this website.

(5) Do not send private information to our webmaster.
The only email address on this website is to our webmaster. If you need help with a medical condition, please call our office. We claim no responsibility for or ability to control the transmission of personal information via the Internet.

(6) Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule.
This website contains no forums, online chats or the like, and no email addresses with the exception of the webmaster email address, which is intended solely for reporting problems with the website to our webmaster. Therefore, no information regarding children is collected.


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